This website containt a lot of links to interesting webpages, so you don't have to search a lot around the big UM website.


Hybrid working at the University:

Sneakpreview thuiswerkplek Logon Information about ordering home office furniture 
Documenten voor Hybride Werken    Several documents for hybrid working

SAP Links:

SAP log on Logon SAP Logon screen 
Declaraties Indienen Logon  Declatation expenses 
Integrale Bedrijfsvoering UM   Information about the Integrated Operational Management 
SAP Info   Pdf file with Info about the new SAP system
SAP Instructie filmpjes   Instructional movies about different topics of SAP
Servicedesk Integrale Bedrijfsvoering   Servicedesk webpage about the Integrated Oprational Management 


Several Links:

UM Communicatiegids   Everything about media & house style 
Telefoonboek UM   Telephone book of UM
UM Card   Pdf Form to apply for a UM card
Research Support (UB)   Research support webpage of the University Library 
PhD Promotie website   Information about the PhD defense 
Knowledge Centre for International Staff   Practical infomation for new international Staff 
Info over werken bij de UM   Information about working at the Maastricht University 
Intranet UM Logon UMployee Intranet 


ICTS Links:

ICT manuals   Several manuals from the ICTS department about Wifi, Vpn, Printing etc. 
Incidents regarding IT resources   An actual lift of malfunctions at the University
Topdesk Tickets Logon  Topdesk webpage to register a ticket at ICTS Servicedesk
MultiFactorAuthentication   Information about the Multi Factor Authentication


Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.